Working with the iconic brand, Samsonite, was such an honor. As a luggage, bag and briefcase retailer, Samsonite was looking for commercial photography and videography services with demographic-based model choices and styling that matched. Their existing brand is truly beautiful and the team utilized previous content to inspire their current projects, but above all, always remaining classic, relevant and modern.

01    Photography

02   Videography



A Commercially Produced Photoshoot Complete with Custom Set Designs.



Commercially Produced Videography with Custom Set Design.

Behind-The-Scenes Videography

I’ve worked with a lot of photographers and video production companies in my career and can honestly say that the Brand Bakery team ranks at the top. After one input session, the team clearly understood our brand and the goals of the work we were asking them to create. They cast exactly the right talent, pulled in the best wardrobe, and went above and beyond to build sets that created the ideal environment for the work being created. I can’t wait to work with the Brand Bakery team again.


Senior Director, Brand Communications Samsonite


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